Thursday, January 02, 2014

a new year


It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written anything since August.  It’s not that nothing has been going on, I’ve just been busy.  My readership is low and I was wondering if I should even continue this blog.  I do like to go back and read some of the older entries so I decided that I would continue for now.  My plan is to have this blog printed into books that I can give to the kids as a keepsake.  I know that a few other bloggy friends have done this.

Ok, so here is a quick catch-up from the past few months:

  • In November I was made permanent at my job
  • I’ve gained  10 lbs from our amazing cafeteria
  • Francis made the Pee-wee AA hockey team
  • Hs team is terrible and have only won 2 games
  • I didn’t pass out when I saw Francis’ report card
  • Francis went to his first high school dance
  • Naomi performed her first skating solo
  • Naomi had her 7th birthday party at an art studio
  • She has lost 3 teeth (bottom) so far
  • For Halloween Naomi was a Monster high doll (Cleo de Nile) and Francis was a banana
  • We renovated the 2 upstairs bathrooms and replaced the upstairs hall carpet (finally)
  • I learned that I can fit a hockey goalie bag in my Fiat
  • Stephan turned 42 (he’s getting old) :o)
  • He continues to play hockey several times a week but spent a few weeks on the injured list for a cracked rib

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.  I will do a holiday review and post some pictures soon so stay tuned!

Happy New Year everyone!


Debbie Sauer said...

Wow, a goalie! Does it make you nervous? Blessings

Julie said...

Not really, I like the idea that he wears more padding than any other player :o)

Briana's Mom said...

Looks like you all had a great year! Happy 2014! Loved all the great pics!