Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to school – Grade 2!

IMG_9439  IMG_9442

IMG_9443  IMG_9444

IMG_9445  IMG_9446

Naomi was all smiles on the first day of school – couldn’t wait to see all her friends!  Looks like she has the same teacher as last year (Mme. Stets) but only for French days.  New English teacher is Miss Dahlia.  She looks young and fun but I have not met her yet.  Naomi will have her for the first time today.

Not sure how it is that my baby is in grade 2 already but I just love to watch her blossom and grow through each of her milestones.

I think it’s gonna be a great year.


Catherine said...

Grade 2 will be such fun for you Naomi! Enjoy!!