Monday, February 11, 2013

Je présente

♥ Love this girl!

Naomi prepares for a French oral for school


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness....your little daughter is just the sweetest thing!!! I love hearing her speak french.

Have just stumbled across your blog :)

Catherine said...

what a little sweetie! Love to hear her read and to see her beautiful expressions. Her giggle at the end is precious!!

Great job Naomi!

PS - I was excited to understand most of what she said. I'll be enrolling Hannah in French Immersion in Grade 1 and hopefully this means I remember more than I thought!

Way to go Naomi!!!

Bobby said...

This weekend we visited my wife’s grandfather – 101 years old! He’s Cajun and at that age much easier to speak to him in French. My mother-in-law was chatting with him at length and Lily got the biggest kick out of them speaking French. When Lily stays at “Nannie’s” she always tries to teach her a little French, but we haven’t gotten very far. It looks like I should get Naomi to try!

marie said...

I love her to bits. SOOOO talented.

marie said...

I love her to bits!! So talented.