Friday, December 28, 2012

Ski lessons


One of the kids’ Christmas gifts was ski lessons.  It’s a special Christmas break camp for 5 days and started on the 26th.  The kids have lessons for 90 minutes every day this week.

On Wednesday, it was freezing … I mean –19 degrees Celsius (-2 Fahrenheit for my south-of-the-border friends).  On Thursday we had a blizzard.  Luckily it wasn’t too cold, but the visibility was less than 5 feet.  The drive to and from the mountain was a scary ride as well.  We got a total of 43 cm of snow – a record for the Montreal area.  

Today was perfect.  A lovely –7 degrees Celsius, almost no wind and the best packed powder snow conditions.  The mountain had been groomed and the snow was just right. 


Here is a little video of Naomi in her group lesson – they are already at the bottom of the hill and on their way to the chair lift.  She is the third one  and has a yellow helmet.  

Naomi’s ski level is Explorer 2 and Francis is doing snowboard intermediate level 2.

This is after the ski lesson, on the way to the parking lot. This kid just cracks me up …


dawn said...

I can't tell you how much we would love to play in all that snow! It is brutally cold though I have to agree but the snow part would be bliss. My girls are looking a the videos and complaining, it's not fair. LOL

Even when we went to Beijing in 08 and they had record cold we missed the snow by days it snowed before and after. We went to NYC last week, it snowed the day before and the day after. I do believe it's a conspiracy.

Your kids are little dare evils too!