Friday, August 31, 2012


During our summer vacation in Lake George, we took the opportunity to get a lot of the kids’ back to school items including new “indoor” shoes.  Our school has a policy where students must keep a new pair of running shoes at the school for indoor use only.  As soon as they come in from outside, they must change into these “indoor” shoes.  I assume that a lot of schools have this policy but because our school is very well known for it’s sports program, they insist that the kids wear running shoes all the time – for both indoor and outdoor play.  This makes it really hard to put together a skirt / dress outfit! 

Anyways, Naomi fell in love with these Reebok Zigs and HAD  to have them.  Luckily we found a “buy one get the second pair half price” deal so Francis got a pair too (black with blue zigs).

imagesCA5X936MI had put the shoes away and didn’t really think about them until a few days before school started.  Suddenly I remembered that they had laces and that we were going to have to teach her how to tie them.  Luckily Naomi caught on pretty quickly.  Today was her third day of school and every day I ask her if it went ok with tying her shoes and she says it was fine.  I’m not there to check how well they are tied but I figure she gets lots of practice everyday since she has to change her shoes 3  times a day (morning, after recess and after lunch). 

Speaking of shoes, I recently had to throw out Naomi’s absolute favourite pair of shoes.  As you can see, they are completely worn out (the Velcro is toast, the sole is cracked and they smell).  I was a little sad to throw them out so I thought I’d get a picture so we could remember them.  BTW, they are Twinkle Toes by Sketchers.



dawn said...

I love, love, love, the new shoes.

Hah, they were Rosies favourite shoes too. I washed them so many times that they faded so much. She asked to keep them in her forever box, I obliged.