Friday, August 31, 2012


During our summer vacation in Lake George, we took the opportunity to get a lot of the kids’ back to school items including new “indoor” shoes.  Our school has a policy where students must keep a new pair of running shoes at the school for indoor use only.  As soon as they come in from outside, they must change into these “indoor” shoes.  I assume that a lot of schools have this policy but because our school is very well known for it’s sports program, they insist that the kids wear running shoes all the time – for both indoor and outdoor play.  This makes it really hard to put together a skirt / dress outfit! 

Anyways, Naomi fell in love with these Reebok Zigs and HAD  to have them.  Luckily we found a “buy one get the second pair half price” deal so Francis got a pair too (black with blue zigs).

imagesCA5X936MI had put the shoes away and didn’t really think about them until a few days before school started.  Suddenly I remembered that they had laces and that we were going to have to teach her how to tie them.  Luckily Naomi caught on pretty quickly.  Today was her third day of school and every day I ask her if it went ok with tying her shoes and she says it was fine.  I’m not there to check how well they are tied but I figure she gets lots of practice everyday since she has to change her shoes 3  times a day (morning, after recess and after lunch). 

Speaking of shoes, I recently had to throw out Naomi’s absolute favourite pair of shoes.  As you can see, they are completely worn out (the Velcro is toast, the sole is cracked and they smell).  I was a little sad to throw them out so I thought I’d get a picture so we could remember them.  BTW, they are Twinkle Toes by Sketchers.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grade 6!


We were lucky to get this picture of Francis this morning.  He decided to take the bus this morning and it came a bit early.  Once we got to the school and Naomi went in, we ran around the building (to where the big kids enter) and happened to catch him.  All smiles this morning …

After school he said he had a good day, he has the same teacher as last year, Ms. Ellyson, and also a new teacher for French (they also alternate French / English each day).  The sports enhanced program starts in 2 weeks so he has a bit of time left before the 7am drop-offs at the arena!

I think that Francis is in for a great year.  He is already looking forward to all the special activities lined up for the graduating class.   Next year, high school.  Gulp!

Grade 1!

My little 1st grader looking all grown up this morning …


Showing off her new Monster High lunch box …


Naomi decided she wanted us to drive her this morning.  She was so excited when we got to the school and all her little friends were there. 


After school she didn’t have too much to say – she likes her new teacher – Mme. Stets.  From what I understand, Mme. Stets will teach both English and French (last year they had an English teacher and a French teacher and they would alternate – one day English, one day French, etc …).  They will still alternate but with only one teacher.

Apparently there was an assembly in the gym with the new principal (Ms. Mitchell) but other than that she said nothing exciting happened.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer bliss


How to make a 5 year old happy on a hot summer day  - splasher park!




Friday, August 24, 2012

Bumper cars!


Well, someone has finally surpassed the height requirement of 44 inches needed to ride the bumper cars at LaRonde!  That someone was quite pleased to now be able to ride most of the “intermediate” rides this year. 


Just to prove that Mom and Dad got in on the fun …

006 005

Some other pictures of our day …


Yummy Beaver tails


Riding the panda …




We had a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

14 years


Today was our 14 year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by going to a fantastic restaurant called Le Gourmand in Pointe Claire village.  The food and ambiance was perfect.  Looking forward to returning soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nature walk in photos