Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Waiting for the bus



Snapped these pictures of the kids the other morning – the routine is that they must be in the driveway waiting for the school bus by 7:20 am.  Lately, since the weather has been so nice, they are out there even earlier.  Francis almost always has either a lacrosse stick or a hockey stick in his hands and Naomi is often jumping, dancing or singing.  I love how they are so perky in the morning – they genuinely seem happy to begin their day.  Usually Steph is out there with them but occasionally I am out there too (with a big mug of coffee and a jacket over my pj’s). 

Soon the kids will be off for summer break and we can all sleep in a bit (lol - as if!)


Briana's Mom said...

Wish my kid was perky in the morning during the school year! LOL! She is only perky now because it is summer!

Catherine said...

Can't believe how grown up your sweet kiddos are! I have a perky little miss too and it makes mornings so much easier!

Yay for summer vacay! Soon!!