Friday, June 22, 2012

Last day of school!

I can hardly believe that the school year has already come to an end.  Wow.  It seems like a few weeks ago that I was sending Naomi off on her first day of kindergarten and Francis was just starting the fifth grade.



Naomi did really well this year and was able to easily keep up with the rest of the class.  I am glad that we decided to send her early, she certainly was ready.  It’s really amazing how much she learned in one year.  Her French has improved so much and she is beginning to read and write in both languages (she is always asking me how to spell stuff!).  Naomi’s teachers, Mme. B and Mrs. Oliver, were excellent and they did a great job of providing a positive environment for learning and growing. 

Francis really enjoyed the sports enhanced program that our school offers though the sports portion ended back in April.  His teacher, Ms. Ellyson was really great.  She is very young and dynamic and I think it was helpful to have the same teacher for both English and French this year.  The class was a 5/6 split so hopefully some of the grade 6 work will seem easy to him next year (here’s hoping!).


Catherine said...

School's out!! Enjoy your summer!!!

Our family said...

How exciting! So wonderful that your kids have had a great year at school! Awesome job Naomi and Francis!!!

Enjoy your summer!