Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ottawa Race Weekend 5K

This past weekend I ran the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K.  This was my second year running it and though I thought I had trained hard my time wasn’t as good as last year (40:19 vs 38:41).  In my defense, it was really hot out and very crowded.  I’m a bit disappointed but in the end what really matters is that I trained hard for it and I had a great time.


This year my mom also ran the 5K (her first time). We had lots of support and encouragement on the big day from my aunt and uncle, my brother and his kids and my hubby and kids.  My plan is to rope in some more family members before next year’s race – (as runners, not spectators) heh. 



If anyone is interested in getting started with running – I used the “couch to 5K” running program (podcast downloaded onto my iPod).  Now that the race is done and I can run 5K, I have started the “from 5K to 10K” program – perhaps there is a 10K race in my future …




Susan said...

Good for you! I am starting week 5 of C25K today and looking for a 5k run in September. Terry Fox perhaps.