Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello birdies

We are sad to announce that our budgie, Kovy II, flew away last week.  I had brought his cage outside for him to get a little fresh air but he managed to escape by pushing his food dish out and sneaking out the hole.  So far we are 3:1 (3 lost birds and 1 found).

After a couple of days we just couldn’t stand hearing the kids scream; KOVY! KOVY! Here birdie, birdie, birdie! so off to the pet store we went and somewhere along the way one budgie turned into two budgies …


Introducing … Blue and Prince Ardolt (yes, we let the kids named them …)


Blue is well, um, blue (just like Kovy was) and Prince Ardolt is a grayish purple colour, very pretty.  The kids are thrilled because they are “come on your finger” birds as opposed to “bite your finger off” birds.  I just wish they weren’t “poop on everything” birds.  Oy.


Susan said...

Very cute! I miss my birds...