Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring has sprung!


We have been having some truly beautiful weather here lately.  Everything is blooming several weeks early – see the tiny flowers behind Naomi?  We don’t usually see those until the end of April (this picture was taken in early April).

Naomi wanted to try taking the training wheels off her bike to see if she could ride a two-wheeler.  She really enjoyed using a wrench and I enjoyed teaching her how to do it herself (I am raising a self-sufficient girl here).  We did some practicing at the park – I found that running with her while holding the back of her sweatshirt worked best.  Though her balance is good and she was able to ride pretty well, starting and stopping needs some work.  For now the training wheels are back on but I have a feeling that they will be off again very soon. 


Anonymous said...

Alexia, too, wants her wheels off. Too cute!

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