Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My little artist

Naomi loves to draw.  She has boxes and boxes of art supplies though markers are her favourite.  It is rare to see her not drawing! Every day she comes home from school excitedly showing all the art projects she worked on.  Her hands are constantly covered in marker and sometimes there is even some on her face and clothes.  Luckily daddy works for a paper company so there is always lots of material for her to use.  A trip to the dollar store is a thrilling experience as she can stock up on embellishments such as stickers and glitter glue. 

I find her pictures so funny these days.  She is into drawing animals and women with long, long hair and high heels.  For homework yesterday she had to draw her favourite wild animal.  She chose a cheetah.  I asked her if she knew how to draw a cheetah and she just looked at me funny and said, “of course”!  I wish I had taken a picture of it before I sent it in – it was really good. 

I always feel bad throwing away any art work so I decided that I would take pictures of the best ones so we can look back on them (when she is a famous artist – lol).



She told me that these were rock stars – I’m thinking it looks a lot like Lady Gaga!


For this one, she drew a castle, then cut the door to open and pasted a picture of a girl behind it so you can open the door and see her


I *love* that she used 3 different skin tones here …


I’m amazed at the fox in this picture!


I was thinking to maybe pick up a couple of inexpensive frames and hang up a few favourites.


Bobby said...

WOW she's good. That girl has talent. Lily and I color everyday after school, but she has a way to go to catch up with this kind of talent.

Anonymous said...

Love the drawings! Naomi is extremely talented :)

Catherine said...

Way to go Naomi! What beautiful pictures!!

4D said...

She is really talented and creative!

Keep smilin!

Debbie Sauer said...

She does beautiful artwork! Blessings

Briana's Mom said...

These are amazing! I know that Naomi and Briana would get along so well!

Our family said...

What a talented little pumpkin!!!! I love to watch their creativity take shape!