Sunday, January 15, 2012



This picture was taken last Thursday white we waited for the morning school bus.

I was starting to wonder if we were in for a typical Canadian winter around here.  Up until December 24th we didn’t have any snow (that stayed on the ground).  At the beginning of January we were still experiencing temperatures of +2C (which was lovely).  I can officially say that winter is here now.  We have had several snow storms and today it is a freezing –22 degrees Celsius.  Brrr.


Bobby said...

COOOOOLD. Can't say we'd want that down here. Spent a lot of time as a child in Buffalo (Family), yep don't miss it at all! Hey but look how good Naomi looks in her wiinter gear.

Susan said...

Yes, winter has been slow in coming. But now we are in full swing! Enjoy!

4D said...

Winter is way overrated!

Keep smilin!