Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY Lunch

We had a lovely time lunching with friends for CNY.  There were Hunan dumplings, spring rolls, wonton soup, General Tao and of course, noodles!  Here are a couple of photos of the kids enjoying the feast.


 IMG_1906 She ♥ wonton soup!IMG_1907

IMG_1921  Francis can`t get enough of those crispy noodlesIMG_1914 Say cheese daddy! IMG_1920

This is Doris and Dan`s adorable new son, DonovanIMG_1923

and big sister, Daphne …. enjoying her soup


Little brother is loving those noodles!


Francis teaching Daphne to play video games

IMG_1901 being silly …

IMG_1905My fortune … hmmm ….  very strange because the very next day I got temporarily laid off at work.

IMG_1926 Looking forward to that open door …


Our family said...

So sorry to hear about work Julie I hope the temporarily will be very short in waiting... (does that make sense?! )

Looks like you all had a beautiful CNY!

Take care!

Susan said...

Great looking lunch. I also hope for you that that door opens soon. You never know, change can be good sometimes. And enjoy your time time at home will you can :)

Catherine said...

what a wonderful lunch with precious friends!! So happy you were able to spend time together!

Mmm...that food looks yummy. Would it be wrong to eat Chinese food 3x in one week? :o)

So sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully they call you back SOON!

Marina Segalovitch said...

Hi Julie! Your kids are adorables.
Have a Happy CNY! If you want to have a lunch together, let me know.