Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the school bus

These pictures are from last Friday, Naomi’s fist day taking the school bus (oh the excitement). 


Waiting at the bus stop …


It’s coming! It’s coming! (jump up and down)


Hello Mr. bus driver!


Bye mom, I’m off to school! (She sat in the front seat beside her new friend Shea)


Meanwhile: mom and dad race to the school to catch her before she gets off the bus at school …


Me: How was the bus ride?  Naomi: It was the awesomest!  Bus driver: loud, very loud

I have to say that my biggest fear with Naomi starting kindergarten was the separation anxiety.  I was prepared for a lot of crying and meltdowns but I could not have been more wrong.  She was 100% ready.  I could hardly believe it when she got on that bus this morning (without her brother who was at hockey practice) with a quick goodbye and a wave from the window.  My little girl is growing up.  I am so happy that she is no longer so afraid.  Suddenly she understands that we will not forget her – she trusts us enough to let herself have fun knowing that we will be there when we say we will. 


Lisa~~ said...

Very sweet! It's not always the children who have the tears and meltdown so be proud of yourself Mama for keeping it together.

Bobby said...

The other day Lily asked when she could take the bus to school – SHE’S PRE K 4!! I’m not ready for that. When you said you were prepared for crying and separation anxiety, I think that for me will be on the other side of the bus door.

Love the pictures – she is really sweet as cupcake!

Susan said...


Wanda said...

Oh sniff, sniff...........what a beatuiful post. so glad it all worked out perfectly. (So....were you the one crying a bit?)

Just stopped by to say I'm putting your name into the photo shoot draw.

Have a great day!

Catherine said...

Way to go Naomi!

Heh bus driver!

4D said...

How did she get to be so big!?! I knew she would rock it.

Keep smilin!

Bailey said...

Yes!!! Our little one just took the bus for the first time as well. She thinks that taking the bus is absolutely AWESOME!!! Love it!