Thursday, September 01, 2011



Today was officially the first day of kindergarten.  It was only for an hour and parents accompanied their kids.  While the kiddos played in one classroom, the parents filled out a mountain of paperwork and got to ask questions.  We even visited the outdoor play area and the kids got their first lesson on how to line up.  So adorable.  Naomi loved every moment.  I was watching for signs of hesitation or clinginess but there was none.  She is ready and that makes me feel better about the decision to start her early.   Tomorrow she goes in for half a day and may even take the bus …


Francis started grade 5 yesterday!  It feels like yesterday when I was taking him to kindergarten for the first time! I didn’t get many pictures of the two of them this morning – it’s hard to think at 7am! I will try to snap a few more tomorrow!



Here’s a little video from this morning.  She’s being a tad silly.  At the end she says, Good Luck Charlie, which is her favourite TV show.


Anonymous said...

Julie, you take great pics, and that video..omg, N is sooo cute!!!!!! Amy

Briana's Mom said...

I loved the video!!! She is so cute and sassy! Love her!

The kids looked so cute on their first day!

sewgoodsewfar said...

Go NayNay!!! Congrats on your first day of Kindergarten. A new era... I can feel your excitement!

Susan said...

Good to hear it went well. Alexia started last week also and now with one week uder her belt she's an old pro!

Our family said...

AHHHHHH! LOVE it! So glad that school has gotten off to a good start for your cuties. Naomi looked so proud!!!!