Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sailing camp

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For the past 2 weeks Francis has been going to sailing camp.  It has been quite a change from the sports camps he is used to but he really loved the experience.  The group that Francis was in was called Opti.  Each day the class of 12 set out on 6 little sailboats with the instructors in a motor boat.  The kids got to learn all the sailing terms, how to tie knots, how to put the boat together and how to take it apart and how to navigate and steer using the wind.

Francis is already looking forward to doing sailing lessons again next year where his age will put him into the “white sail” group.  Tomorrow he’s off to hockey camp for the last week of camp before school begins on the 31st!


4D said...

What a cool camp! I loved sailing as a kid.

Keep smilin!

Bobby said...

Oh man I used to love sailing, Sailing Camp sounds like my kind of camp! I used to race on a 45ft sailboat (crew) in Lake Ponchatrain. I think Francis would make a great "sheet trimmer" on my next boat:}

Catherine said...

Look how your little boy is growing up!

Sailing camp sounds great and what a wonderful skill for him to learn!

Have fun at school Francis.