Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daycare graduation

Yesterday was the last day of daycare as Naomi starts kindergarten next week!  She is really excited about starting school though I know she is really going to miss her daycare provider, Roxana.  I promised her that we would go back and visit every once in a while so she could keep in touch.  We have been really lucky to have such a great daycare where Naomi has always felt safe and happy. 

At pick-up time Roxana invited us for cake and drinks which was a lot of fun and allowed us the opportunity to say goodbye to Roxana and the other parents that we have gotten to know over the years. 


Here is a picture of the amazing cake.  Layla is Naomi’s BFF and she is was also “graduating” and will be going to the same school.  These two will also be taking skating lessons together on Saturday mornings – they just can’t get enough of each other!



Briana's Mom said...

Awww, so cute! Happy graduation! She is going to love kindergarten!!!

4D said...

Naomi is going to ROCK kindergarten!

What a great grad party.

Keep smilin!

Susan said...

Congrats to Naomi!

Bobby said...

Time is flying by so fast. Our little girls are going to be wanting the keys to the car before you know it!

I have enough gray hairs as it is.