Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So it’s been a little while so I thought it was a good time for a Naomi update.

The big thing in Naomi’s life right now is preparing for kindergarten. She is desperate to start school. I suspect that she is bored at the home-based daycare she attends. There is one other girl her age and they don’t get along very well. One moment they are best buddies and the next minute they hate each other. Oh the drama. The other 4 children are quite a bit younger so she doesn’t want to play with the “babies”.
Every day at 4 pm I leave work and pick up Naomi from daycare and then we pick up Francis from school. Every day is torture for Naomi. She always peers into the kindergarten classrooms pointing out her favourite things; piles of construction paper, containers of paint and markers, boxes of scissors, tons of storybooks and let’s not forget the pet turtle in Madame B’s class.
It all started a while back. Stephan and I were wondering what to do about the fact that Naomi would miss the school year because of her October birthday (the cut-off here is September 30th). Our initial decision was to just wait as many people told us to give her time and let her be the oldest in the class. Just after the holidays our daycare provider told us that she really felt that Naomi was ready for Kindergarten. She has seen many children off to kindergarten so I trust her opinion. In our province there is a process called “derogation” in which parents can request to have their child tested to see if they can enter kindergarten early. The child has to demonstrate a higher than average (for their age) ability in order to be able to keep up with the rest of the class. We decided that we would start the testing (done by a child psychologist) and see what they recommended. They look at overall IQ scores but they also have to asses if the child is ready emotionally. We knew that Naomi would do well on the test as we have always been told that she was very bright. We were slightly concerned about her separation anxiety but she has been making great improvements lately. Well, I was shocked to hear from the child psychologist one evening telling me that Naomi scored in the 92nd percentile on her IQ test. She also said that Naomi was able to sit quietly and focus for the full 1 ½ hours of the test and that she was not shy or timid with her. She recommended that we go ahead and enrol her for the 2011-2012 school year.

So we filled out all the paperwork and everything has been submitted to the school board. We have been waiting for the official response but we are fairly certain that it will not be a problem. In the meantime we have been looking at backpacks and bento boxes and every day Naomi asks me “when is it going to be my turn to go to school? I can’t wait!” Every day I remind her that school starts after the summer – which has been a great way to teach her about the seasons. She is also working to improve her French as the school she will be attending is bilingual.

UPDATE: I wrote this post about a week ago but had not posted yet since I wasn’t sure how to end it. Well, today we got the official letter from the school board saying that that she is accepted! Nice to have it all official. Funny how part of me is thrilled for her and the other part is not quite ready for her to be a big girl yet. Ah the complexities of motherhood!


3D said...

That is great!! Naomi is going to do amazing!

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

That is so wonderful!! Yay Naomi! Both of our girls with be navigating kindergarten in the fall. I think I am going to have a much harder time with it than Briana!

Catherine said...

Great news for you bright, beautiful little girl! ((hugs)) to mommy. Such big steps as our little ones grow up!

Susan said...

Great for Naomi! She will do well, I am sure.

Alexia is in the same boat as Naomi. She is also born in October and we will have her tested next month. Our only problem is that she will be going to a all French school (which she has already been accepted to pending the official document) and well, Alexia's enviroment is mostly English. She does go to a bilingual school every morning and we have noticed that her French is picking up quite rapidly since Xmas. She will need to be tested in French which is why we are waiting as long as possible. We are keeping our fingers crossed as she needs to move on!

Lisa~~ said...

It is so good that you took the steps to get Naomi into Kindergarten early and that you had the option to do that. With Maisie the public schools are so strict with birthday cutoff dates I had no option but to look into private schools because she was in a very similar situation as Naomi, totally bored with school and desperate and more than ready to go to school. I will tell you that I got a lot of cr@p from people, all of whom didn't know her in real life, about how I was doing her such a dis-service and how I was going to emotionally harm her by putting her in school so early...she was still only 3 when she started kindergarten but oh-so-ready.

Starting her when I did was the best thing I could have done for her as she is thriving. Here we are today, she's getting ready to enter second grade yet she is just now eligible to start kindergarten in August in the public schools. I can't even imagine how she would survive in a kindergarten class or what the teachers would do with her as she is mature beyond her years, reading on a 4th grade level and almost finished with the second grade math curriculum.

Best of luck to Naomi and I can't wait to see your updates of how she does with school, I bet she'll rock it!