Monday, January 31, 2011


Francis turned 10 on January 29th. The big double digits birthday. As birthday's go, Steph and I are usually ahead of the game when it comes to planning. This year, not so much. Lol.
He is having his "friends" party next weekend since he shares a birthday with one of his close friends who was having his party on the 29th. He will be going go-carting with 3 of his friends and out to dinner with them as well.
Since he was out of the house for most of the weekend it was hard to get some good birthday shots ... maybe I'll try stalking him this week. Heh.

An exciting package arrived in the mail .... thank you Linda and Fernand!

Naomi made the most adorable card for her brother with a star on the front and a portrait of her brother on the inside.

Here she is "reading" it to him ... heh!

Sunday night we finally got around to singing him happy birthday (with Josee and Bob joining in on Skype). Little sister always has to be in on the fun ...
We also took him out to Boston Pizza for lunch on his birthday where Grandpa Paul and Aunt Natalie joined in on the fun (the other grandparents are off enjoying the sun with my mom in Florida and Steph`s parents on a cruise - this just means there will be more birthday fun to come!). I had brought my camera but didn`t actually remember to take any photos but in my defence, I have been sick with flu for the past 3 days.

Just before his birthday we did a bedroom makeover for Francis. Steph did an amazing job on the paint.

I still have to find some area rugs and make some curtains so I will do a full post when it`s complete.

Happy Birthday to my big kid. Wishing you the very best year ahead!


Briana's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your new 10 year old!! Gosh time flies!!!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Francis!

Bobby said...

Doesn't it go by so fast? Happy Birthday big guy!