Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ok, so it’s January 12th and life is back in full swing after the respite of the holidays. Steph started his new job and is loving the 5 minute commute. I’m back to work, Francis is back to school and Naomi is back to daycare. In an effort to get more exercise in I signed up for a Zumba class – I did the first one yesterday - wow, what a workout!! It is non-stop aerobic dancing for 1 hour. I have signed Naomi up for a music rhythms class that starts this Saturday. I am not quite sure what to expect but the brochure said music and dancing and parental participation!

On January 6th Steph bought a “Gâteau des rois” (Kings’ cake) . Each person gets a slice and one lucky person finds a “fève” (bean) and in this case a small ceramic animal. This person is deemed the king and the king chooses a queen. Pictures below. Oh, and the cake was delicious – an almond cake with a light flaky crust.


Wanda said...

Happy New Year to you Julie. Glad to hear everyone is back in the saddle and things are smooth sailing.

I love this ceremony you do. Is it a tradition in your home?

Have a great week,

Bobby said...

Happy New Year. We love King Cakes down here in Louisiana! But with ours someone pulls out a baby and has to buy the next cake. I guess we share a lot with you guys since a bunch of y'all moved down here a while back ; )

Susie and Gordie said...

I just love that cake and this year I forgot to get one. thanks for reminding me. I am off to get one tonight!

proswet654 said...
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