Monday, August 31, 2009

How to avoid getting your kids a dog in 2 easy steps

Step one: purchase 2 fancy rodents (winter white mini hamsters). Allow children to name them Bugzy and Snowbell. Purchase deluxe cage and accessories, special mini hamster food and aspen pine bedding. Teach children not to squeeze them too hard and to pick up the ...ahem ... dropping they leave on the furniture.

Step two: purchase second type of animal in case they get bored with rodents. Pick aqua colored "wild" budgie along with cage (found) bird toys, food, vitamins and prepare him a raw food diet daily. Try to teach bird to be gentle and not bite children. Allow child #3 (husband) to name bird after favourite hockey player (Kovy). Make children promise to feed and clean cages.

There now, that's MUCH easier than getting a dog right?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mont Tremblant

This past weekend we spent a couple of days in Mont Tremblant, a ski resort 2 hours north of Montreal. There is lots to do in the summer as well! The above picture was taken during a ride in the gondola.

Naomi enjoying the walk uphill - see how pretty it is? Great views too!
Naomi and Francis enjoying a beaver tail. Not a real one of course, it's deep fried dough with lemon, sugar and cinnamon. Yummy!

Going up on the chairlift - feels weird without my skis! Check out the helmets and toboggans

Francis demonstrating the luge that we came down (hence the ride up on the chairlift).

Naomi showing off her pool jumps. She is also swimming with her face in the water (trying to be like her brother)