Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gotcha Day #2!!

Today is Naomi and Zoe's 2nd Gotcha Day!

Here are some pictures from the Chinese restaurant we enjoyed tonight.

Bestest buddies ...
These Guizhou girls have big appetites! Yummy noodles!
I love it when they hold hands ...
Elisa made chocolate dipped fortune cookies and added some #2 candles. The kids enjoyed the attention and getting to blow out their candles!
In the side bar there is a picture of Naomi wearing a Chinese dress - that was taken last year on gotcha day! My she has changed and grown!
And here we are on Gotcha day. Wow, it feels like yesterday and at the same time it feels like a million years ago.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

With great sadness

We said goodbye to our family pet, Billy yesterday.

More than a cat, he was a member of our family.
He will be dearly missed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Time for an update! Despite all the rain we've been getting we are having a very nice summer. Here are a few pictures from the past 2 weeks.

Naomi's "bonhomme" or self portrait. All her "people" look like potatoes but they have arms and legs and eyes and a mouth and hair. I have to say I'm impressed considering she is only 2 years old!

Naomi showing a little Canada spirit for Canada Day

I actually took this picture in the car - this kid always has this mischievous smile (like he's up to
something). Mr. personality ...

Naomi at the lake on an outing with Elisa, Thomas and Zoe. She really loves this "ballerina" swimsuit - turns out Zoe had the same one but in a different color!

Love this picture of Miss Zo-Zo Pinky!

The kids found this giant log floating in the water and decided to hop on. Elisa is trying to hold it steady so they don't tip off.

Francis had a big baseball tournament over the weekend - they won first place!!!

Tired but happy. The game finished at 10pm!