Friday, February 20, 2009

Professional help

Yup. I did it. I hired a professional to fix my blog. I was just beyond frustrated with XML. So you can expect to see some nice changes around here soon.

I've also decided to change the name of my blog (again, sorry). As you may or may not have noticed, I have been playing around with names - the latest one was "a sweet life" but I have changed my mind yet again and who knows, it may change again (though I hope not). You see as much as I loved the MADE IN CHINA name, it excludes my son. Now that the journey is done, I feel like this blog has turned into a mom blog. Just my rambling about daily life with my 2 kids, hubby and cat. I almost named my blog just that .... For Sale, 2 Kids, Hubby and Cat.

OK, so the new name is "Once Upon a Time". I like it because I feel like my blog is my story. So you can go ahead and update your lists. I will keep the (MADE IN CHINA) name in brackets for a little longer until everyone gets used to the new name and then I will drop it altogether. I have picked out a digital scrapbook style paper for the header that matches the name so I'm thinking that once I pay for it the name is going to have to stick!


Jill said...

How fun!!
I can;t wait to see the unveiling!
(BTW, I am kind of liking the "For sale.." title!! LOL)
Hugs, Jill

Our family said...

How very exciting!!!!! I love the new name btw!!!!!

kitchu said...

can't wait to see how it looks!!

Deb said...

I like the new name.
Looking forward to seeing your new diggs.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see your new blog!


Wanda said...

Hey there, You're little icon just popped up on my new blog (that isn't really up yet - steep learning curve here) so what a lovely surprise.

Hope you're doing well - I've added you to my blog list and look forward to keeping in touch.

Love your new name - perfect! as we know it. said...

I love the new blog look and the prince and princess are wonderful and look like the

Susan said...

Love the new look!