Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 more sleeps!!

Someone is REALLY looking forward to leaving for D!sney World. Can you guess who? Don't let the picture fool you. It's me!!! Lol!!
Steph picked up this adorable Minnie mouse at the D!sney store in Charlotte SC last week (we don't have a DS here). Anyways, she is so attached to it and she constantly totes it around with her. I even had to tuck MM in to bed tonight!!

Speaking of Naomi, here is a quick update (she's 29 months):
~ Naomi is finally out of diapers and Pull-ups! We're on week 4 of underpants and she has only had 1 accident! Yippee!!
~ I measured her yesterday (I wanted to see what rides she would be allowed on ... hee hee) and she's 36" tall.
~ Naomi still sings ALL THE TIME! Current favourite is Pettit Papa Noel (yup, a Christmas song)
~ She loves to sneak into her brother's room and destroy his Leg0 creations
~ She loves snakes
~ Her current favorite toys are; dolls, doll stroller, purse, princess high heels, princess crown, her brother's large machine gun, play-doh, puzzles and books.
~She is such a comedian. She's always making me laugh!
~ She loves to eat! My daycare provider jokes that she should charge me extra for food!
~ She can entertain herself for hours
~ She speaks in sentences and sometimes amazes me with what she says. She also speaks French as her daycare is mostly French.
~ She can count to ten in English and French and can count items as in how many candies, how many blocks, etc...
~ She knows if I skip a page or skip words to her favorite books!!
~ She's starting to enjoy movies now and can actually pay attention from start to end. Oh, and she hogs the popcorn!!!

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to do some packing!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Professional help

Yup. I did it. I hired a professional to fix my blog. I was just beyond frustrated with XML. So you can expect to see some nice changes around here soon.

I've also decided to change the name of my blog (again, sorry). As you may or may not have noticed, I have been playing around with names - the latest one was "a sweet life" but I have changed my mind yet again and who knows, it may change again (though I hope not). You see as much as I loved the MADE IN CHINA name, it excludes my son. Now that the journey is done, I feel like this blog has turned into a mom blog. Just my rambling about daily life with my 2 kids, hubby and cat. I almost named my blog just that .... For Sale, 2 Kids, Hubby and Cat.

OK, so the new name is "Once Upon a Time". I like it because I feel like my blog is my story. So you can go ahead and update your lists. I will keep the (MADE IN CHINA) name in brackets for a little longer until everyone gets used to the new name and then I will drop it altogether. I have picked out a digital scrapbook style paper for the header that matches the name so I'm thinking that once I pay for it the name is going to have to stick!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines weekend

Here are some pictures from this weekend.
My little Valentines ...
(why is it that when you take a picture of 2 kids, there is always one smiling and the other is making a face? This was the best of the bunch!)
Playing outside ...
The snow is finally melting but there is a lot more to go!
a little close-up
Coming down the slide at the park
Looking out the window
enjoying the sunbeam

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Off to a bad start

It's Valentines day ... and I'm pissed. I just came back from the hair salon. I am so mad. Arrggggg!!! I went in to get my streaks touched up - I chose a different colorist than last time because the last girl left out big chunks so my hair was mostly blond with chunks of brown. So the guy come over and asks what I want ... I want my highlights touched up, GOLDEN BLOND please, not ash (grayish) blond. So I spend 2 hours getting the streaks and under the drier thing - then they wash out my hair and I see it in the mirror I start to freak. Even wet it looks white - like albino white. Like Grandma white. The hair wash girl offers to dry it because I hadn't booked cut and set as they told me there was no room. Anyways, the guy comes over and tells me there has been a cancellation. So he asks me what I want. And I say just a teeny trim please - I love the length - PLEASE don't cut the length off, jut a few layers in the back. So he proceeds to hack at my hair like a mad man. At one point he even bonked me in the head with the hair drier and said nothing! So when he starts to dry it and I start to see the white blond and the hack job I want to scream. I keep telling him to just make it straight (as it normally is) but he is not listening and frying my head and pouffing it and curling it under. I don't know why but I let him finish torturing me. I am looking at the floor and it is VERY obvious that I am pissed. He has hacked a good 8 inches off the back and sides. I want to burst out in tears. He doesn't ask me if I like it, he just hands me the bill. I race to the front desk, throw on my coat and pay ($200!!!) because I know I'm about to loose it and don't want to make a scene. So I get home, jump in the shower and wash my hair 3 times and give it a good conditioning treatment. My rage is subsiding and now I just feel like an idiot. I keep thinking ... It's just hair. It will grow back. But I am so sad and disappointed. I really loved my long hair, the brown/blond highlights, soft and shiny. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I was putting Naomi to bed tonight and finally thought to bring the camera to take this picture. This is one of Naomi's favorite books and we read it almost every night. There are not many words, but you can stick you face in the hole in the book for each picture. Here she is showing off her octopus face!!

Here she is giggling ... as usual

Here is a picture of Naomi and Zoe from the weekend. We went to a CNY lunch on Sunday with our adoption group. I didn't think to snap too many pictures but I did get a few of these little friends hugging.
On Saturday Francis had his birthday party. 12 8-year old boys. I must be insane. It went over pretty well actually, thank goodness it was not at home! 2 hours of laser-tag, pizza and cake. He had such a blast!

In other news, I am in new blogger hell. I upgraded to new blogger and somehow killed my old template and picture. I have spent so much time trying to upload a header I am at the end of my rope. I think I will look into some professional help!!!