Saturday, January 24, 2009


I need a change. This old blog needs a new look. I have been looking at templates and skins for hours. No clue. I know I want a 3 column design, preferably where you can upload pictures into the header. Anyone have any ideas or sugestios?




Dawn and Dale said...

I too am always looking at blogs and new designs. I don't know a THING about the HTML though so I can't do it myself!! lol

I LOVE this gal's makeovers!!! If I felt like spending money on my blog I'd forsure use her!! Check out her portfolio on her page! She's done amazing work!


OziMum said...

This wonderful lady does webpages - and is waiting for her child from China too (always nice to support like-minded people!)

Here's another fab Mum who does blog pages (I've seen lots of Danielle's blogs - all gorgeous!)

I just did my own. Made a header in photoshop - saved it in photobucket and added it to my template!... yeah I know - nowhere near as fancy as the Mama's above... but I have the satisfaction that I did it... and it was free!

OziMum said...

Sorry, I put the pricing, link - not the home link to Danielles blog!!

Danielle is running a "free" makeover competition! Become a follower, and leave a comment to win! Winner announced on Friday.(great timing - hey?!!)

Rebecca said...

Another place you might want to look at is They just started adding some kits called "BLOGwear". If you look under one of their Valentine designs called *Your Truly,* you will find some.

I would think you would still need Photoshop to edit it, but then you would just save it as a .jpg and upload to your BLOG Header!

Rebecca :)