Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy bullets

  • It's getting darn cold out there. Forecast for this week is in the -1 to -4 range. Brrr....
  • Francis had his first hockey games of the season. Lost both but took it well.
  • The kids are excited about Christmas. I love being able to say; "Santa's watching" and the two of them put their halo's on. For a couple of minutes anyways.
  • I took Naomi shopping at the mall on Friday night - she loved the Christmas music and pointed out the decorations. She especially loves snowmen - can't wait to build one with her soon.
  • Why do kids hate wearing hats, mitts and gloves? It's always an argument.
  • I'm hooked on Facebook, that's why my blog is suffering.
  • It's a hot chocolate and marshmallows kind of a day
  • Took the kids bowling yesterday with the little balls - Francis beat my score, Naomi doesn't get the concept and prefers to throw balls at people. And she would only use the purple ball claiming it to be "MINE!"
  • Naomi talks ALOT. Francis talks alot more than she does. And I talk more than all of them put together. No wonder Steph is so quiet.
  • I saw Madagascar 2 last week ... what a riot ... I like to move it move it ....
  • Naomi scratched her face with her fingernail during a screaming fit. She has a lovely scab covering half her cheek. Hence the lack of pictures.
  • I started my Christmas shopping, the easy ones are done.
  • Whats a good gift for the bus driver?
  • We've booked a Disney World vacation for March. Can't wait! My parents are joining us too - it's going to be a blast. Anyone stay at Disney's POFQ?
  • I feel like this blog needs a new look. I'm just too lazy to do the research to change it. Any experts willing to help me out?
  • Need to start the Christmas decorating. I enjoy it when its done but it's alot of work!
  • I'm off to start dinner. I'm making mango curried chicken with jasmine rice. Num!


Janet said...

Good gift for bus driver......? Tranquilizer gun. ;-)

I LOVE snowmen too, Naomi!

Looking forward to seeing Madagascar 2.

Debz said...

I gotta go get Madagascar 2. Sounds like a good one.

I'm shocked that it's warmer here than there...we hit +17 today!

OziMum said...

* Its starting to get real HOT here!! (up to 100F the other day!)
* I gave all our teachers a Christmas ornament last year - went down very well! Most people give chocolates or a mug!
* I made honey mustard chicken for tea....Mmmmmm-M!
* My kids got better with hats when they went to kindy (4 yr old preschool)... coz they HAVE to wear them there!
* Kids are extremely good sports - Mikayla's basketball team gets belted every week (82-4 last week!)... they keep going though!
* I canned my FB - someone emailed me to say my photo's were all over some dogey site... it now appears someone hacked my friend's email - and it was a scam.... oh well.

3D said...

Not much you say but there is lots going on!

Keep smilin!

Pug Mama said...

we saw Madagascar 2 also - soooo cute.
I saw a mug that said "Nothing can scare me - I drive a school bus" but I can't remember what catalog it was in - it was cute though.....

Kayce said...

-1 to -4?? OHMY!! We've been in the 80-90's here!! I'm ready for burrrrrr.
I'm giving all our teachers/bus drivers/ect.. gift certificates to either ice cream or movies.

Monica said...

Wow! Sounded like a fancy dinner!!

Oh, no! I just now caught sight of Janet's comment...tranquilizer gun!!! That is so appropriate its hilarious!

"I'm hooked on Facebook, that's why my blog is suffering.", ANOTHER blogger lost to Facebook! That always just baffles me! My Facebook suffers because I spend too much time blogging and exploring other blogs! My daughter sure lives on Facebook, though...which is why I'm still there!

Elisa. said...

Addicted to facebook too!
I was wondering if I should get the drivers something..this is new to me this year..I guess I should then.

It's feeling pretty fricken freezing out there...but feeling Christmasy too...had my first eggnog last night!