Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chocolate face child finds candy cane stash ....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy bullets

  • It's getting darn cold out there. Forecast for this week is in the -1 to -4 range. Brrr....
  • Francis had his first hockey games of the season. Lost both but took it well.
  • The kids are excited about Christmas. I love being able to say; "Santa's watching" and the two of them put their halo's on. For a couple of minutes anyways.
  • I took Naomi shopping at the mall on Friday night - she loved the Christmas music and pointed out the decorations. She especially loves snowmen - can't wait to build one with her soon.
  • Why do kids hate wearing hats, mitts and gloves? It's always an argument.
  • I'm hooked on Facebook, that's why my blog is suffering.
  • It's a hot chocolate and marshmallows kind of a day
  • Took the kids bowling yesterday with the little balls - Francis beat my score, Naomi doesn't get the concept and prefers to throw balls at people. And she would only use the purple ball claiming it to be "MINE!"
  • Naomi talks ALOT. Francis talks alot more than she does. And I talk more than all of them put together. No wonder Steph is so quiet.
  • I saw Madagascar 2 last week ... what a riot ... I like to move it move it ....
  • Naomi scratched her face with her fingernail during a screaming fit. She has a lovely scab covering half her cheek. Hence the lack of pictures.
  • I started my Christmas shopping, the easy ones are done.
  • Whats a good gift for the bus driver?
  • We've booked a Disney World vacation for March. Can't wait! My parents are joining us too - it's going to be a blast. Anyone stay at Disney's POFQ?
  • I feel like this blog needs a new look. I'm just too lazy to do the research to change it. Any experts willing to help me out?
  • Need to start the Christmas decorating. I enjoy it when its done but it's alot of work!
  • I'm off to start dinner. I'm making mango curried chicken with jasmine rice. Num!