Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm still kicking

I haven't been taking many pictures lately so I'm short on blog-worthy material.
Luckily pictures tell a thousand words so I can keep this short and sweet.
manners are VERY important at our house ...
Here's Naomi modeling her new "big girl" underpants. Anyone know where I can find xxxxsmall??? These are 2's but I sewed the sides to make them smaller. 22 months and 95% potty trained - whoohoo!!!
Naomi and her friend Zoe crashed on the couch wathing a movie.

Some little visitors! Apparently a family of racoons just moved in next door ...


Susie and Gordie said...

Potty-trained... wow!! Alexia is also 22 months and I haven't even started thinking about it.

PIPO said...

Well hello!

Wow...babies become big girls so quickly. Love the photos.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Naomi is such a cutie!!!

When you find smaller underpants, let me know! Sarah will be 22months next week and we just started potty training...she is very tiny and nothing fits her....I never thought to fix or sew them....great idea!

Cute visitors!!!


OziMum said...

Wow! Naomi looks so big in her "big girl" knickers! Geez... where has your baby gone?!!

Congrats on the potty training! Naomi is champion! (and obviously you're not too shabby yourself?!!)

3D said...

She is such a sweetie pie! I can not believe how big she is.

Keep smilin!

amy said...

what sweet faces!

Famille Marois said...

Hi !
Naomi is really tooooo cute. She is especially super with her big girl's underpants :)
I love you little family of visitors !!

Have a nice week,

Martine xx

Elisa. said...

love the piccy of the girls together although they look a bit serious there!
Zoe had a blast and I can't believe how much they amused each other on Saturday night.
More time for Martini's...ouch my head!

Catherine said...

Way to go for potty training!

I've heard that Gymboree carries teeny-tiny leggings. Do they carry little undies too?

Bobby said...

Look at all that hair!

Elise said...

Too cute of the two of them all snuggled up together....they are obviously little pals!