Sunday, September 21, 2008

23 months

Naomi is 23 months today! Hard to believe she will be 2 in a month from now.

This morning we went to her gymnastics class at Le Petit Gym. She absolutely loves it and gets so excited from the moment I mention we are going.

This is a picture of her waiting to get into the car to leave for "nastics" (gymnastics).
Later we spent some time at the park - a beautiful sunny day but a bit chilly!

Mastering the "Big Kid" swing.
The twisty thing ...
Trying the big slide


M and M said...

LOVING the pigtails!!

PIPO said...

Great pics.

Wow, I never would have thought Naomi would be such a big girl by the time my kidlet was due to arrive.

The time has flown.

3D said...

Fun stuff! She is such a big girl.

Keep smilim!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Naomi is adorable....doesn't the time just fly!

I adore those pig tails....what a sweet girl!


pugmama said...

what a big girl!!

Elisa. said...

I can't believe she is going to be two next!

Famille Marois said...

Naomi, you are just sooooo sweet :) I simply love the pig tails your mom made in your hair !

Julie, thanks for the message on Mia's blog :)
I'll take some pics while in Florida, and then post them ;)

Have a nice week,

Martine xx

Catherine said...

Nastics is tons of fun! Adorable little piggies!

Susie and Gordie said...

Happy Birthday to Naomi!

Michelle said...

She is beautiful! And getting so big. Darn it how kids keep growing! :)