Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-August update

Wow, it's been a busy summer. I just have had no time to blog! So here's a quick update ~ bullet style.

- This has been the worst summer (weather-wise) – rain every freekin day. I don’t remember the last time we had a full sunny day. I haven’t even been in the pool for the past 2 weeks.
Anyhoo …
- Work has been insanely busy which is strange as I usually look forward to the summer as time to catch up!
- I read a good book – This Charming Man by Marian Keyes. 600+ pages in 7 days. I just love the way she writes … her Irish terms crack me up.
- I found Naomi 5 pairs of sandals for next year at $3 each! She’s currently wearing a size 6 shoe and I’m estimating an 8 or 9 by next summer. Does that sound right? I know, she's a bigfoot!
- Naomi's 12 month report is done!
- I've been enjoying the Olympics ... common Canada!
- 2 and a half weeks until Francis goes back to school (where did the summer go?)
- Naomi heads back to daycare next week
- We're going camping this weekend - weather report says sun so we are taking advantage
- I hate packing for a camping trip ...
- August 22nd will be my 10th wedding anniversary. Holy crap. How did THAT happen? :)

For some reason my camera does not want me to download recent pictures. Sigh. Pictures to come!


3D said...

I bot that book too! She is a fave of mine.

Weather does suck. As is Team Canada...WTF?? Summer is flying by!

Have fun camping!

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

Please send some of that rain down to GA - we never get any freakin' rain!

Briana is just about out of a size five going into a six!

Have a great trip!

Kayce said...

Sounds like a busy summer indeed! Have a great time camping and let hope your weather heads to California!

Susie and Gordie said...

Busy over here as well... I am stealing your bullet idea for my blog entry. Rain sucks, Team Cnada sucks but my bento boxes from Ichiban Kan are in! Yahoo! Any ideas where I can find recipes?

OziMum said...

I hear ya! Its been raining here for weeks too... although it is WINTER - so you'd expect a bit of rain?!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The weather has been the same here...we just got back from a beach week and it rained a lot...what a bummer!!

You are having a busy summer! Look forward to your updates and latest pics of Naomi!


Elisa. said...

Hope you had a great camping trip, looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

Debz said...

Couldn't find your e-mail so I'll get to you this way. I haven't done the slide show yet I'm waiting for some momma's to send me some pics of their little Pokey Tailed Beauties and I agree that Naiomi totally qualifies! lol! Send a pic to me!!!!