Friday, July 25, 2008

vacation fun

It's Friday - my last day of summer vacation. It's been very rainy and wet this week. We did manage to get to the zoo (I'll get some pictures up of that on my next post) and watched a lot of movies! Yesterday was another gray day so I took the kids to the Children's Museum (Musee des Enfants de Laval). They had such a blast! It's all set up as different jobs. The kids get to dress up at each station (Francis loves that, Naomi could care less) and role-play.

Francis' favorite was the police station - where kids are cops and parents get put in jail. They also had a real police car that kids could climb into with flashing lights.

There was a shopping centre where kids got to shop and to try their hand at being the cashier.

Here's my astronaut ready to blast off ..

How much fun is a fireman pole?

a hard day in construction ...

Naomi's favorite was the barn and horse. You can collect eggs from chickens, milk a cow and ride a horse!

This is the veterinarian's office ... Dr. Naomi ...

and Dr. Francis ...

It was such a fun an unique place. I know we will go back again. Some of the other rooms included; a cave to dig for dinosaur bones, a theatre with costumes and a microphone, an airplane, a classroom, a restaurant, an auto mechanic shop, an ambulance, an atm machine, and a fishing boat!


Briana's Mom said...

That place looks amazing! So much fun.

Sorry it's your last day of summer vacation - boo!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a fun place!!!

We have a similar museum here in is on our list of to dos!

I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation...sorry it is coming to an end:(


Steffie B. said...

looks like a great place.....I made the picture through Picasa. Free download! ;)

3D said...

I love that this place opened. What fun! Love the pics!

Keep smilin!