Sunday, June 22, 2008

20 months bullets

Yesterday Naomi turned 20 month old.
This is what 20 months looks like on Naomi:

-she is talking alot! Current favorite words are NO and MINE!
-she is tall and thin - wearing 24m - 2T on top and 18-24m bottoms (all bottoms need to be cinched with elastic or a belt) and size 6 shoes
- she just got her fist molars last week and now I noticed her top eye teeth are coming in
-she can eat. and eat. She eats everything and anything and can sometimes eat more than her 7 year old brother.
-she is very social - going to the grocery store means saying hi to everyone
- she loves all animals - she can not let a kitty or dog go by without touching it
-she is noticing the sky - pointing out the moon and airplanes
-she can count to three
-she loves to sing - current favorites are ABC and Old McDonald - sounds like ...abed...eieio ...moo moo here ...:o)
-she can name all body parts
-she laughs alot - if you say a duck is a cow she will die of laughter
- she can name several animals and their sounds
-she loves going to daycare
-she has started using the potty and has been telling me when she needs to go (bye bye diapers!)

-she loves zippers, buttons and clips - she is constantly doing up all the belt clips on her high chair, car seat,and stroller-she loves to color, making circular scribbles

-she is repeating everything we do and say - yikes!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Our girls are almost the same age...Sarah turned 19 months on the 20th.

Yes the is a little scary...gotta watch what we say!

Naomi is absolutely adorable!

Thanks for visiting our blog...I am going to add you to my back soon!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

She is growing soo much...
Naomi is beautiful..
Have a Great Week..
Thanks for the update..

Cora said...

Sounds like you have a great girl there! Thanks for stoping by blog.

Briana's Mom said...

She has grown so much! Such a smart girl! Briana has the same shirt Naomi is wearing in the last pic - LOL!

M&M said...

She is just blossoming!!

3D said...

She is just awesome!!

Keep smilin!

cougchick said...

so glad things are going well for you. Enjoy!

Janet said...

My Jeane is 19 months and is just getting her eye teeth too....

she repeats everything too, but her English still isn't great so it sounds...well, strange. LOL!

Ashley Winters said...

Naomi is so cute! She sounds a lot like my little one who is always playing with buttons and zippers.

Catherine said...

So cute and growing so fast!! Adorable!

kris said...

WOW, that's one impressive list of "can dos"! She's adorable and growing up so fast!

3D said...

She is awesome and a special little girl.

Keep smilin!

jenbusymom said...

I had to read this entry, my Madison is 2 and 7 months and everything about Naomi sounds so familiar, really too cute!