Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy kids

Little mommy:
Naomi has suddenly taken an interrest in her dolls that she got for Christmas. She loves to feed them and give them bottles. She even makes little pretend sucking noises for the babies. It's just so adorable!!!

King of the mountain:
We have had a ridiculous amount of snow this year. Francis isn't complaining though. He spends a lot of time up on his mountain. Ahhhh... sweet childhood!


Briana's Mom said...

All I can say is "WOW!" to all that snow! Love the little mommy!

i-Con said...

Love the pics but YIKES that snow is a bit much for this wimp.

cougchick said...

Wow! That is one giant mountain of snow...

She is so cute with her dolly...

Doris & Dan said...

Fun for all ages! Crazy snow..but makes a great fort.

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

How cute that Naomi is a "little mother". :-)

And that snow! My kids love it too!

Deb and Sean said...

Cadence is doing the same thing and it is soooo precious!!!
Hate to tell you ... you've been TAGGED! Yup ... sorry!
It really isn't so bad ... come on over and find out what the 'rules' are!

Made in China said...

I'd love to participate in your tag but I don't have the link to your site!


Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Naomi is too cute as the little mommy.
Great to see you last weekend.
PS, we got your CNY card on Monday.

Lipscomb Family said...

Naomi is so beautiful and looks quite at home in her forever home. We brought home our daughter from China in August 2007. Her birthday is October 2, 2006. Our 2 gals are quite alike according to your photos and notes. Rachel loves to raid the Kleenex boxes. Take a peek at our blog:

Congrats on your Naomi.

in Coastal Southern Calif.

PS Love your spider cake.

The luckiest mommy in the world said...

What a smart little girl!!!