Sunday, December 23, 2007

Made in China

Not a happy holiday post so if you don't wanna hear it, put your fingers in your ears and hum a Christmas tune.
Ok, here goes. I am so totally fed up with hearing people go on and on about how everything made in China is crap. They outdo each other with stories of the crappiest items from China. Hey, I know the things at the dollar store are crap - and most of them are made in China. But not EVERYTHING made is China is crap. My daughter was "made in China" and she is quite wonderful. Actually, one of the best things in my life. How will she feel when she is old enough to understand. To understand that everyone thinks that everything made in China is crap. How is she supposed to grow up with a sense of pride in where she is from?? You know how kids think - if everything made in China is crap, therefore I must be crap. Maybe it's just me being oversensitive, but I just can't stand it. To quote Peter Griffin (a la Family Guy), "It really grinds my gears".
Ok, rant over. You can now return to your regularly scheduled holiday happiness.


Debz said...

Totally standing with ya on that one. Couldn't have said it better.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy and blessings.

Ava's family said...

One of the GREATEST gifts I will ever be given will be Made in China....Totally with you on this.

Have a VERY Merry First Christmas with your new little one!

Jewels of My Heart said...

I understand and I agree. We so often overlook all the wonders as we GRIPE about what ever we can find to gripe about.. China is filled with wonders... our children being the most precious of coarse... but beautiful people with skills that breathtaking and will leave you in awe... We also need to remember how much (or how little) the people who are making these items get paid to make them.
I hope all of our daughters grow up knowing how special, how incredible and what miracles they are.
Merry Christmas

Doris & Dan said...

My answer when people say "Everything is Made in China". I answer that all the best things are made in China.

Shout it sister!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

30 or so years ago, people were saying exactly the same thing about things made in Japan (it's even a joke in one of the 'Back to the Future' moives). It will change as China comes into itself. Then people will bitch that things are too expensive :-). I hope that by the time our babies are old enough to really understand, those people will be complaining about India..... :-))

Merry Christmas to you all.

Mom2Boober-Do said...

It's ridiculous anyway, there are so many amazing things from China, not just the beautiful children :O) And I hope we never complain about ANY country's contributions to this world!

LaLa said...

Grrr...burns me up too!!!

mamarie said...

Not even a chance. Naomi will never think of herself as crap.. it wont happen as long as I'm alive. Please stop worrying.
Naomi is precious. She will always think of herself that way if we show her that.

cougchick said...

This one burns my butt too.