Friday, July 20, 2007

5 days to go

Today is the day of errands. It seems like I can make lists faster then I can cross them off. (sigh). So far today: Bring Francis to hockey camp (check), Make appointment with Immigration Quebec (check), go to hairdresser and get ghetto roots taken care of (check), go to bank (check), go to pharmacy for meds (check), go to vet for cat food, treats and insulin (check).
Wow, got quite a bit accomplished and it's only 12:52 in the afternoon!

I still have 11 things on my list to get done before I pick up the kid at 3pm and then it's off to the travel meeting tonight! I should have my itinerary tomorrow ... stay tuned!

p.s. ok, for all of you who guessed Hawaii you got it! Whoohoo!

Almost forgot to mention that it's my grandfather's birthday today! He turns 85 years young today!

7 comments: as we know it. said...

Hawaii....ugghhh I am sooooo jealous!!

BTW aren't you glad you finished work last week, cause I am working monday and tuesday and have to get all this done in between..aHHHHHH!

4D said...

Busy gal! Have a great meeting. Time to find out about the nitty gritty details.

Keep smilin!

cougchick said...

Hawaii? Green with envy.

M and M said...

Hawaii - NICE!!!

Can't wait to see the itinerary and find out which is Gotcha day!!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

And have a great time! No more ghetto roots, hooray! :-)

OziMum said...

That's funny! YOur pic must look alot like the movies?!!

Well done on all your running around! I saw your comment on Journey to briana... have you not packed yet? And theres, what, 4 days to go? You show alot more restraint than me!!! I reckon I'll be packed the day I receive a referral!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Run here, run there, run here, run there! That is all I seem to do anymore!