Saturday, July 21, 2007

4 days to go

Naomi is 9 months old today!!!

We had our travel meeting last night and so here is our itinerary:
25/07 - leave Montreal - arrive in Vancouver
26/07 - leave Vancouver
27/07 - arrive in Beijing
28/07 - meet up with group and fly to Guiyang
29/07 - Gottcha Day!!!
30/07 - Civil Affairs Bureau to legalize the adoption
31/07 - free day
01/08 - free day
02/08 - free day
03/08 - Get Naomi's Passport
04/08 - fly to Beijing
05/08 - visit the Great Wall
06/08 - Visa requests and doctor visits
07/08 - visit the Summer Palace
08/08 - visit the Forbidden City
09/08 - group leaves but we stay 1 extra day
10/08 - leave Beijing for Montreal (through Toronto

OMG! I can't wait! What a journey this will be!


M and M said...

8 more sleeps until she is in your arms!!

Wendy said...

Holy cow you guys are so close... I can't wait to follow your trip... Are you taking your computer to update your blog while you are away...

4D said...

That is so exciting! Now you know the plan. Ya just need Naomi!

Keep smilin! as we know it. said...

This it it!!!!
Re-did my packing this morning, took some stuff out to make room for the clothes...I am pretty confident at 2 cases going there and taking three back for all the extra stuff and gifts I will buy!

Those who serve the little dictatrice. said...

WOW!! So close! So close! We will be thinking of you guys over the next few weeks. How exciting!

Michelle said...

You must be sooo excited! Best wishes for an amazing trip!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Happy Birthday Naomi!!!!!! Hold on little one your Mama and Daddy are almost there....

Tamara said...

Naomi is so precious. It's exciting to be this close. The time will fly by now.

Dannye said...

happy 9th month baby girl!!

so very cool you and Elisa will be leaving soon to get your baby girls, it really is real!! good to know!!

I am so looking forward to following along on ya'll's journeys!! soooo cool

OziMum said...

Gosh little Naomi is such a sweetheart!

Yes, I have no doubt, this will be a journey of a lifetime, and one that you will never forget!

Enjoy every minute of your last days as a family of 3... and enjoy even more your years of being a family of 4!!!

Robin said...

Wow.. just a few more days and you are on your way! Can't wait to follow your journey!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh!
I am so excited for you...savor every moment as much as you can.
This will be the trip you will dream about FOREVER!

Cari said...

So close to Naomi!! I've been thinking of you this weekend, as I'm in Montreal, but busy with visiting family etc. Maybe the next time I come to town, we can get together in person...

Mary, Eric and Penelope said...
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Mary, Eric and Penelope said...

So amazing! Looking forward to following your adventure and to see it finally come to its true beginning!