Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ten Childhood Memories

Ok, so I haven’t actually been tagged, but I’ve decided to do this one anyways to help pass the time.

1. Spending time with my grandmother. I remember how she would sit and knit and watch “Days of our lives”. Sometimes she’d teach me to knit or iron or to use one of her big looms. She always made me feel like I was the most special person in her life.

2. Visiting my grandparents farm. There wasn't any animals but there was a big barn full of interesting things. My cousins and I loved to climb up to the second story and play up there. I also remember the inside of the house even thought I haven’t been there in 20+ years. I also remember the cupboard where my grandmother used to keep peppermints in a yellow glass jar.

3. I remember riding my (banana seated) bike up to Perettes (a convenience store) to buy candy and sip-sacks. Sip sacks were bags of colored sugar water – you had to puncture the bag with the pointy end of the straw and suck the liquid out. Then we’d blow them up and pop them.

4. We used to go on camping trips and adventures. We’d get up really early and get in the car – my brother and I would fall asleep and by the time we woke up we’d be somewhere interesting. Oh and my parents used to sing in the car! :o)

5. We used to live right at the base of a mountain – I remember spending a lot of time hiking, biking and playing up there. In the winter my mom and I would go cross country skiing there.

6. I remember playing outside the school at recess. We used to play jump rope or elastic or lemon twist. Sometimes the teachers would take out a giant parachute that we would play games with. I still remember some of the silly songs we used to sing in the jump rope or hand clapping games.

7. I remember when my parents brought my brother home from the hospital. I was at my home with my grandparents and when the van pulled up I ran over to the passenger side to see him.

8. I remember the first day I met my best friend, Colleen. It was grade 7 – my first year of high school. We couldn't’t stop talking and giggling in art class - we got kicked out of the class.

9. I remember my parents dancing in the kitchen. There was always music playing in our house - it must be why I can hear a 70’s song on the radio and instantly know all the words.

10. I remember spending hours playing in the snow. We used to build forts and tunnels and made-up games. I used to have this plastic bucket – thing called an “igy” that you were supposed to use to make blocks of snow to create and igloo.

If you've managed to get through my list, considered yourself tagged!


kitchu said...

Wonderful list! I would have loved doing all that hiking as a child- we lived in mostly flat terrain growing up...

Polar Bear said...

What wonderful memories! I love the story of the time you spent with your grandma. Those are wonderful.

Janet said...

Hey! We used to love Sip Sacks too!!!! Thanks for that memory!

C's Mom said...

Grandmas are the greatest. I have many great memories of mine as well.

You've got some good stuff there!

4D said...

That is a great list. I can see where your love for the outdoors is borne from.

Keep smilin!

M and M said...

Those are wonderful. I am SOOOO enjoying reading everyones memories. I MUST get cracking on mine... as we know it. said...

Great list, I have great childhood memories from spending time with my grandparents too.

Steffie B. said...

I had a banana seat bike was purple! Sigh....if only my butt could still fit on one of those seats! lol

Jewels of My Heart said...

What wonderful memories.... Thanks for sharing.
I miss my Grandma...

Unknown said...

I will do this one later tonight..What a neat list to do and what wonderful memories

Calico Sky said...

oh I meant to say 'I tag any Canadian out there' SORRY!!!!!

Great list, life is really amazing isn't it?

I wonder what your daughter's top 10 will be?

Deb said...

Fun list! I remember those "Igy" thingies!
I'll be back a few times today to check on any new developments ;O)

marie said...

1. Living in Germany where there were many foot paths through the “forest”. This forest was merely planted pine tries no more than 6 feet tall but to me it was the Enchanted Forest. I would play there all day.. every game imaginable. No grownups ever seemed to go in there. It was kids only.

2. Sometimes we would scale the 10’ base fence and go into the real forest. There were things we called “bunkers” which seemed to be nothing more than piles of concrete in a mound. We were always told not to go in there because of “unexploded bombs”. None of us believed this and the fact that it was forbidden made it more fun. We were told it was the Black Forest. I remember scaling that 10’ fence with 6 rows of barbed wire at the top just to go pick Lily-of-the-valley on the other side. I felt invincible.

3. Comic books. We had dozens of them. We would regularly have trading sessions with other kids so you had a whole new set of comics to read. I always wanted to be Super Girl and I was very sure I had super powers I had not yet developed.

4. Camping in Switzerland on a mountain and having beautiful scenery. I wanted to sing but was no good at it. I played a tiny harmonica trying to express a monster sized joy as big as the sky. The vision of a grassy meadow hill full of wild flowers with the snowy jagged Alps in the background is burned into my memory.

5. I did a lot of rolling down grassy hills over and over seeing the sky and then the ground. Then you reach the bottom of the hill and run back up to do it again. We seemed to have done a lot of this. When I was too dizzy and tired to keep rolling I would lay there and look at the sky and wonder what I was doing here… I wondered a lot. (I still wonder.) In winter that hill was for tobogganing.

6. My happiest childhood memories all seem to have taken place in a forest or wild meadow. I remember building many tree forts and exploring paths through the woods. In an abandoned farm meadow I remember looking for meadow lark nests with the little eggs still intact in early spring. I would count to see how many I could find. We played in abandoned barns made of logs. They were empty and wonderful places to spend a rainy afternoon with a gang of kids. There was never a parent around until we went home at supper time. After supper we played ‘kick-the-can” with the 35 or so kids in our little neighborhood until the street lights went on. I was as a free as a kid could be all summer long. We went out after breakfast and played outdoors, rain, heat, snow or blizzard, building snow forts in winter, fording rivers and following mountain brooks and exploring beaver dams in summer. I feel sad my grandchildren can never know that kind of childhood. We never needed play dates and the only time our parents had to accompany us anywhere was to the doctor or to church on Sunday.

7. I knew every wild flower and weed and herb and tree type. I knew what was good for what and which were edible and which were not because I had a wonderful teacher who thought it was useful to take us out on real actual field trips and teach us these things. If a kid got hurt at school the teacher would administer disinfectant, bandage, and that was the end of it. No parents were ever called unless a bone was broken or stitching was needed.

8. I found out what kissing a boy felt like when I was 10 and tried it out on a boy named Tommy. I don’t remember his last name. He was a new kid in town, very blond, and had twin baby brothers. The kissing was kinda nice. I got most of my sex education from other 10 year olds since no parents would tell us what we wanted to know.

9. I remember many camping trips with my parents. That was the only way we could afford to travel. I traveled through France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Holland. Then we came back to Canada and we camped all over Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Maine. My mom loved camping!

10. Candy. Candy was a huge part of my childhood. This was before the days of health consciousness. There was plenty of DDT and food dye and chemical crap in our candy. (It’s a wonder I’m still alive.) I remember these beehive shaped candies that would last hours.. they had a plastic handle in the shape of the different airplanes. You could collect them. Something called “blackballs” were licorice flavored, huge and were three for one cent. (yes, really!) Each one would take at least 20 minutes to melt down in your mouth.

Nikki said...

Loved your list!
I watched "Days of Our Lives" with my grandma too! And
Recess was one of my very favorite parts of the school day. It's funny, every time I read one of these another memory of mine is revealed to me. too cool.