Sunday, February 18, 2007


This is where I spend most of my time ... yes, it's my office!! And these are the flowers that my boss sent me ... get your mind out of the gutter - he sends Valentine flowers to all the women in the office.

This is a view out of my office window ... see that big square building in the distance? This is where my fellow bloggy friend Doris works! Now you can understand why we meet for lunch so often eh? Oh, and the "incriminating" photos I was talking about the other day can be found on HER blog!

This is the view out my kitchen window ... more snow! Pretty isn't it?

Speaking of my kitchen - this is the kitchen wall that I can't seem to decide which color to paint ...


Doris & Dan said...

Pretty flowers!

It is great that we work so close. Love lunching wit' ya!

Keep smilin!

RoLo said...

You have a nice boss:)
This is a cool idea lets start a "show us where you work" tag!!

Colleen said...

What a great boss!!! Love the flowers. Hey - I didn't know you and Doris worked together. Thats great!

Mark & Michelle said...

Your desk is nice and neat!

Nice boss to send flowers!

Thanks for the pics - it is cool to see a little piece of peoples lives outside of the blog.

I pick one of the darkest colours for your kitchen, the 3rd from the left or second from the right.