Monday, January 29, 2007

Francis Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Today is Francis' 6th birthday. Where does the time go? Yesterday he was a baby and today he is six. wow.

Ok, so the birthday weekend extravaganza started with dinner out on Friday night - his choice - La Cage au Sports (sports memorabilia - 20+ TVs playing sports).

Saturday night the family came over for a birthday dinner and cake of course!

On Sunday he had a "Pirate" party with 11 kids. We all had a blast and some of the kids told me it was the best party they ever went to ... awww...shucks!!

Today is his actual birthday so I made cupcakes for his class - 18 little cupcakes with the Canadians logo - ok so the light blue is supposed to be navy and the fuchsia is supposed to be red, but you get the idea!


Melissa said...

Happy 6th Francis!!!!!

That is a WONDERFUL cake, I love it!

Connie said...

Happy #6!

Cute, cute cake and one rather convincing pirate ;0)

Mark & Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Francis.

I am VERY impressed by those cupcakes and cake!! WOW what a lot of patience those took to ice.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Looks like an amazing birthday weekend. Those cakes and cupcakes are awesome. You are SO talented.

Keep smilin!

Lee-Anne said...

Holy Moly! The cake is awesome!!! Puts my pitiful Pirate Treaure map to shame!!!

Happy Birthday Me'hearty!!!

Matt and Kathy said...

How cute. Love the costume and you did a fantastic job on the cake and cupcakes! Great job!

Lisa and Doug said...

Happy Birthday Francis! Love the cake and cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Francis had a blast for
his birthday! I wish you lived closer
Julie. I would love to learn how to
decorate some cupcakes. This is a
real fun blog!!!


Dawn and Dale said...

Happy Belated Birthday Francis!!!!

6 is great!! You're going to love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice baking are a "Julie" of all trades..

Happy Birthday to Francis from all of us!

Amy & Co.

Lisa & Oliver said...

Happy birthday, Francis! Hope you had a great day!