Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank you Corinne!

My mother's friend, Corinne, sent me 6 beautiful dolls for Naomi! She is a doll collector and has an incredible collection of dolls.
I am really overwhelmed by the generosity that she has shown as she is also largely responsible for most of the beautiful clothes hanging in Naomi's closet!
The dolls are all made of plastic so they are not breakable but that all have the type of beautiful faces you would expect to see on a porcelain doll.

She also sent Naomi 2 matching purple outfits that are mix and match in purple!!! There is a jumper, a blouse, pants, a jacket and a hat. How cute is Naomi going to look in this!!??!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Ab fab! I really LOVE the outfit!

Lucky Naomi!


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Those are amazing! Beautiful.

What a lovely lady.

Keep smilin!

Lisa and Doug said...

Those dolls are absolutely beautiful! And the outfits are so cute!


Lisa~~ said...

What a nice friend, I especially love the outfits!

Lisa & Oliver said...

Wow! You certainly always score well in the clothing department! Very adorable.

Connie said...

Cute stuff!

The dolls are pretty and the outfits...I love 'em :0)

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

What a great lady to give you all those dolls. The outfits are beautiful too, you are so lucky!

Lisa & Jeff said...

That Corinne is the sweetest!!!

Melissa said...

LOVE the outfits - they are so pretty.
the dolls are freaking me out just a little bit. (I'm funny like that)