Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Insights to China – class # 3

Okay, it seems that I didn’t take as many notes this time but we did talk a lot about the Mid Autumn Moon Festival which happens to be on October 6th this year. The teacher brought in Moon Cakes for us to try. They are a sort of pastry with bean paste inside (or lotus seed) and there was a preserved egg yolk in the middle. Well, I wasn’t too fond of the preserved yolk but the lotus paste and pastry wasn’t too bad.

Zhong qiu jie (Mid Autumn Festival)
The 15th of the 8th lunar month is the Chinese Moon Festival also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhong qiu jie is one of the most important traditions in China, second to only the Chinese New Year. It is the time to reunite with family and is known as a family gathering. The family goes out to observe the full (harvest) moon and they eat moon cakes and they recite moon poems. As they yin/yang or balance is important in Chinese culture, the yin would be the spring which is about the sun and the yang would be the autumn which would represent the moon.
The history of this festival is:

Bo yow (I don’t want it)
Xie xie (shia shia) Thank you


Doris & Dan Clark said...

I second the egg bit..not the best!

Keep smilin!

Matt and Kathy said...

The egg sounds like yuck to me too.


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

They look good! or at least pretty!

Lisa & Oliver said...

Hmm...I have to say that I didn't mind the egg yolk at all. But as I have said before, I have already sampled yak stomach!

Elise said...

Can't wait to try one myself. They do look pretty!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Yep, not doing the egg thing with mine errr too yucky!

Lisa and Doug said...

Yeah - I am not likin' the egg thing. But I will try one without though! :)


RoLo said...

Thanks for sharing