Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Insights to China 3 & 4


Washroom: Xi shou jian (si shoo dian)
Bathroom (more common): Ce suo (tse swa)
Where is the bathroom? Ce suo zai ner (tse swa tzai nar)
Zai ner (tzai nar) means where is, but it is added to the end
For example: Tiananmen zai ner?
Excuse me: Lao jia (lau dia)

Language from last week:

1: yi (E)
2.: er (R)
3: san
4: si (tse)
5: wu
6: liu (leo)
7: qi (tsi)
8: ba
9: jiu (jee-o)
10: shi (shur)

Man: nan
Woman: nui (nu)

Woman’s bathroom: nui ce suo (nu tse swa)
Where is the woman’s bathroom? Nui ce suo zai ner (Nu tse swa tzai nar)
Men’s bathroom: nan ce suo (nan tse swa)
Where is the men’s bathroom? Nan ce suo zai ner (nan tse swa tzai nar)

Daughter :Nu er


Doris & Dan Clark said...

I have Goodbye in Chinese running through my head! Argh!

Keep smilin!

Made in China said...

tzai dien Doris! (I never remember the right way to spell things, I always do it phoneticaly (sp?))

Oh well, better than Ching Chong! hee hee ...

Julie :o)

RoLo said...

this is very helpful

Lisa and Doug said...

Thank you so much for posting language about the women's bathroom. That is an absolute must know! Ha!

Lisa & Jeff said...

Or you could just jump up and down and squirm a little and maybe they would understand and point you to the facilities! =)