Thursday, September 28, 2006

Insights to China – Class #2

Sorry this is a day late but I have been having problems with Blogger!

Zhu he ni! (congratulations!)
Wo jiao (my name is …)
Ni jiao (what is your name?)
Wo shi jia na da ren (I am Canadian)
May guo (USA)
Quing jin (please come in)
Deng Deng (please wait) sounds more like dung dung
Gay ni (here – as in when you had something over)
Sio pung you (little friend – what you would call a child)
Bou ke ty (you are welcome)
Bo how (not good)
Tio ming (help!)
Ta hen ke ai (she/he is very cute)
Wo – me
Ni – you
Ta – he/she

FYI … some of these are in proper pinyin and some are just my own phonetic spelling …

Ethnic groups:
Han makes up over 90%
Han people are generally in the centre of China along the Yellow and Yangtze rivers
There are 55 minority groups
The minority people are generally located along the border of China – most of them along the southern border
The major minority are the Mongolians

Yuanmou Man – fossils found dating back 1.7 million years ago in Yunnan Province – teeth and tools were found

Peeking Man – human skull found dating back 600,000 years ago in Beijing – tools were also found and thought the scull shows that the face shape was different (extended jaw, forehead back) it has been proven that this “man” could walk upright, used tools, fire, etc)

We also went into the different dynasty’s but other than the names and the dates I do not have very much information on each one.

So that’s it for now …Stay tuned next Wednesday for part 3!

p.s. more updates on Referrals 'n Trips!


Connie said...

Hey, this is nice. I feel like I'm getting little on-line crib notes :0) I may learn something yet!

tracy said...

I also feel like I'm getting the class for free. Great lesson!

Lisa and Doug said...

This is wonderful! We don't have to start paying you for these lessons, do we? LOL!