Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday 10

I am feeling much better today – thanks to everyone who “listened” to my whining and posted positive comments. I can be such a baby sometimes!

Well, the weekend starts in about an hour and I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face. So just because I’m in such a darn good mood … TAG!!

If you are reading this I challenge you to write 10 things that made you happy or thankful today …

Here are my 10:

1) I started my day with a good cup of coffee
2) Daycare programs for school ped days
3) Driving my son to school he said thanks again for taking him to McDo for supper last night – I think this is because my car still smells like fries!
4) Polite people who hold the elevator door open
5) Shish Taouk and Tabouli for lunch
6) Finding out a co-worker is leaving to follow her dream
7) Hubby is coming back from his business trip tonight
8) I found the perfect invitations for a baby shower I am hosting
9) The daily back and forth emails from friends
10) That I’m on this incredible journey

Have a great weekend everyone!


Pug Mama said...

how nice to hear the "positive"

C's Mom said...

A great weekend to you too!

Polar Bear said...

Your list made me smile! I loved the one about the car smelling like french fries. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be satisfied with the little things in life, like McDonalds for dinner?

Have a great weekend!

4D said...

I was in bed last night and thinking about the positive things in my life. Wanting to focus on the positive after a very negative week! We are so alike!

Keep smilin!