Friday, August 25, 2006

An eventful day

Today was Francis’ last day of daycare. We made a big deal this morning and I even drove him and Steph to the train early this morning since the plan was to go an meet them downtown for dinner at the end of the day. Well, around 11 am I get a call from my panicked husband who tells me that he just got a call from the daycare saying that Francis just broke his arm. Well, I dash out of my office (in Pointe Claire) and race to the Children’s hospital (downtown) and meet up with Stephan and Francis. My usually hyperactive kid is sitting in a chair motionless with a sling on his arm and a bag of frozen peas. We wait an hour to get into triage and Francis’ elbow has swollen to the size of a baseball. We finally see a doctor 2 hours later and go for x-rays that are inconclusive because his elbow is so swollen. They bandage it up in a cast from his armpit to his wrist and tell us to come back next week. At this point it’s about 3pm and we’re starving and decide to go for the nice dinner we had planned a bit early. Francis finds that eating with his left hand takes some getting used to. On the way home Francis suddenly remembers the ToysRus gift certificates he got last week for being the ring bearer in a friends wedding. So we stop at ToysRus and a $50 gift certificate turns into a Gameboy and some new games cha-ching … $120 later I have a very happy kid. He’s been told no sports at all until the elbow heals … good grief, what am I gonna do with this very active kid?

Anyways, that was a very memorable last day …


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd!! I hope the new toys keeps him distracted from the discomfort....and if it's a plaster cast, we want to sign it!!! He sure went out with a "bang" at Origami!!! Please tell him we hope he feels better soon so he can get back to sports!!!(at least it did not happen before wearing the tux!!!)

Amy, Eric and baby B.

Dawn and Dale said...

Oh no!!!!

Poor little guy!!! So far I've had no broken bones OR stitches with any of my four boys yet (ok....where's some wood for me to knock on!!)

Hope he feels better soon!!!


Dawn and Dale said...

How's Francis doing???

Hope his weekend wasn't too sore!! as we know it. said...

OMG,I just saw your message..poor Francis and right before your week off!
Does he think his cast is cool or is he fed up?

Best wishes to you all, have a great week off none the less.

4D said...

OMG! How is he doing? That is a def way to remember his last day at daycare. How are you and Stephan doing?

If you need anything, give us a shout!

Keep smilin!

Ava's family said...

I hope Francis is doing better. I hope he can operate that gameboy with his hurt elbow! =)

Deb said...

Sending Hugs and zurpers,
hope to hear he is feeling better soon.