Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mom's night to party ...

I just finished updating my Naomi's Nursery site and my Bai Jia Bei site - I have 41 squares so far!!
Last night was MNO and I had such a blast! I always have a good time, but this night was particularly fun. Instead of focusing on the adoption topic we steered the conversation way off into weddings, what our hair looked like in the 80's, ugly prom dresses, mason jars, etc. Maybe it was the private room, maybe it was the lobster and the wine ...what a night!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sounds like fun ! I could use a night like that.

Dawn and Dale said...

I just went over to see your quilt site!!

Wow!! You have received some very beautiful pieces!!

Have you decided on a pattern yet??? I bet with all those pieces it's going to look sooo great!

Lorraine - Saskatoon said...

the room and the site are looking great. GOOD JOB

Doris & Dan Clark said...

I just blogged about the SAME things (re: MNO). Good times!

Keep smilin!

Elisa. said...

yes, that was one good MNO.
The best laugh I have had in ages.
Can't wait to see some of those pictures next MNO!