Monday, June 05, 2006

I've resorted to eating cake

About a month ago, I decided that I would no longer go to RQ's (Rumor Queen) site. Quite honestly, I just couldn't take it anymore. Well, during a blog- hopping stint yesterday I noticed that alot of bloggers quoting an 18-24 month wait- according to RQ! Akkkkkkkk!

I've been doing a little dissapointment baking, check out today's picture, 'nuff said.


Lisa~~ said...

Oh, the cake looks wonderful! I'm bumming with this wait too, think you can spare a slice? ;-)

Dawn and Dale said...

Send some my way toooo please!!! =(

4D said...

Looks good! Num, num! Courier away! not walk...AWAY from RQ!! It is bad for the psyche. I have stopped going in order to avoid a divorce! DH was going nuts over my up and downs from reading the site.

It is only a rumor so pay no heed to what the stuff says.

Keep smilin!

M3 said...

Wow, that cake looks wonderful!!!!! It would be just the thing to eat for breakfast this morning. Mmmmmmm.

Ava's family said...

I can't give up RQ as much as I try! I guess I'm just not as strong as you! If it makes you feel any better they are still saying it could settle into a 12 month wait in some of the rumors. I'm going to only believe the 12 month rumor.

Those who serve the little dictatrice. said...

Keep your spirits up, Julie! Good for you for avoiding RQ. There is no good that can come from stessing over rumours.

And if you want a "taste-tester" for your baking ... give me a call! :)