Monday, May 29, 2006

ZEN weekend

This weekend I visited the lovely Spa Ofuro in the Laurentian Mountains (north of Montreal) with my mother and my aunt. This place is so
relaxing! This spa has a Japanese style and is beautiful year-round surrounded by pagodas and Buddhas. The design is for thermotherapy. This is where you spend time in a sauna, steam bath or whirlpool until your body is very warm and then you plunge into the river or cold bath. After the cold bath you relax for 20
minutes in a deck chair or hammock. You do this 3 times and then you have a massage. What an incredible day. Since none of us dared to bring a camera into this bathingsuit only area, I used some pictures from their website.


Zebigleb said...

nice blog really !!!

Anonymous said...

Too nice! Sounds decadent and so relaxing! Glad you enjyed yourself. I gotta make my way there one day!

Keep smilin!

Ava's family said...

That place looks wonderful!I think all of us expecting from China should treat ourselves to some relaxation like that! =)

Dawn and Dale said...

I agree!!

I need a spa day!! lol

Hope you had a nice visit with Doris as well!!

Gen said...