Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I forgot to add this to my Tulip Festival Post!

The car ride to and from Ottawa is about 2 hours each way. During these 4 long hours I seriously began to reconsider the option of bringing Francis to China with us. I know that siblings fight in a car but how can 1 child drive 2 adults mad in a car ride?

First it’s the why’s. Mommy, why are we going to Ottawa? Mommy, why are we going to see the tulips? Mommy, are we going to see Colleen? Mommy, what aren’t we going to see Colleen? Mommy, can I get a donut? Mommy, can you get my toy I dropped it. Mommy, I can’t find the cap to my water bottle. Mommy, why are there cows over there? And it keeps going and going.

Then we have the toys. After suggesting that he plays with his LeapPad – a quiet toy, he proceeds to max the volume and keep the $%$#$#$% pen on the dog … woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! And on and on and on and on. So I asked him to play with some little cars. Next thing we hear is BANG! CRASH! BOOM! Here comes the AMBULANCE! BEE-BOM-BEE-BOM-BEE-BOM!!! FRANCIS!!!!!!! Why are you being so loud? The car got in an accident so the ambulance has to come and save the people. Can’t you be quiet for 2 minutes?!!

This just goes on and on the entire time. By the time we get to Ottawa and I exhausted. The way back is about the same except he is tired and cranky.

Now what do you think happened 10 minutes from home?!!??!


Ava's family said...

My husband and I crack up because our 5 year old talks non stop! He hardly even takes a breath before he is on to the next subject! I'm just glad he is at the age where he still wants to hang out with us.

Dawn and Dale said...

Yup, Got four boys here who do the same thing!!

The other day we were out shopping and I "lost" Carter for a whole 2 seconds. (He was in the next isle) I told Dale there was no way I'm taking them to China so they could get lost there and me not even be able to speak the same language as them to try to be able to find them!! Too scary!

Don't ya just love those long car rides??? ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't even get talking just whining...!
I hope that by the time Thomas is three and a half that stops.
I sure hope he sleeps on a good dose of gravol because that is a really long plane Journey.
Also I'm sure you will change your mind a few times in the next six months like me.